A current flow of new applications:

ASA.TEC Rebars as non-metallic reinforcement in the construction industry
Tension-proof, corrosion-free and light-weight under extreme conditions as they prevail inshore and offshore.

ASA.TEC for the fabrication of wind plants rotor blades
Lightning-resistant, environment-friendly and with a highly attractive price-performance-ratio. Also for the non-metallic reinforcement of the wind plant foundations.

ASA.TEC for complete solutions in the innovative area of the automotive industry
The ASA.TEC fiber has a multitude of capabilities in the automobile of the future.

ASA.TEC for the nautical industry
Resistant under extreme conditions.

ASA.TEC for sport and leisure
The quality material of the future for strong and stable light weight. 

ASA.TEC as attractive alternative material for composites. 
ASA.TEC offers powerful advantages.

ASA.TEC for hot gas filtration
due to the special resistance to mechanical strain and high temperatures.

Construction Industry

Concrete reinforcement

The increasingly demanding specifications that must be met and the longer warranty periods for buildings of all types together with the trend to more slender structures with higher stability all expect and point to one thing - concrete reinforcement must have remarkable properties. 

ASA.TEC offers the optimal solution: The major challenge represented by soft reinforcement and prestressing technology can now be met efficiently thanks to the high torsion strength, alkali resistance and the constant product quality of our materials. ASA.TEC  fibers are opening up entirely new possibilities for slender structures and new architectural forms as a result of their combined strength and light weight. 

Wind Power

ASA.TEC fiber in rotor blades and foundations for wind farms

The future lies in alternative energy carriers and wind farm facilities. The development trend is moving towards ever-bigger rotor blades and erection of wind power facilities offshore. This demands the use of new and innovative technologies. The materials now used for rotor blades are rapidly reaching their limits there.

The urgent need is a high-performance fiber at an attractive price. The ASA.TEC fiber is outstandingly well suited for rotor blade applications, because of its high strength and significantly high rigidity. In addition, the ASA.TEC fiber offers the advantage of not being an electrical conductor and as a natural, mineral fiber it is friendly to the environment.


ASA.TEC offers new solutions 

The automobile industry is on the brink of a ground-breaking change in direction. Light weight construction and alternative drive concepts are the focal points in this. The challenge for the future consists above all in developing an intelligent material-mix using innovative, environmentally friendly materials and to use these long-term.

ASA.TEC fiber fulfils these criteria with its high strength and stability permitting the construction of light-weight vehicles on an individualized basis with optimized raw materials mixtures, which can assure consistent quality standards over a very long time period. In addition, ASA.TEC fibers bring no problematic CO2 emissions in their production.

Nautical Industry

ASA.TEC for yacht construction – light, robust and eco-friendly. 

There is growing and urgent need in the offshore and nautical industries for high-tech materials for use in structures that are both very light in weight and highly robust. The material specifications are very wide-ranging: multifunctional in application, resistance to moisture and acids, UV resistance and no risks to human health. In addition these products should be natural, inexpensive and easy to recycle. Standard materials currently in use can cover only a few of these requirements.

The newly developed ASA.TEC fiber on the other hand, meets all these criteria with its unique properties and as a high-tech composite material it is especially well suited for producing all types of sailing and motor yachts. Moreover this fiber is economic and as a natural mineral product it is environmental friendly. 

Sport and Leisure

ASA.TEC for sport and leisure

Lighter, tougher, more flexible – these are the needs for sports equipment in the world of today and tomorrow.

ASA.TEC fiber unites strength and flexibility. A new generation of tennis rackets has now been developed for example: The technology of Pacific BasaltX reduces torsion and increases impact strength and ball control. Effective damping reduces vibrations for more playing comfort.  >> www.pacific.com

The high-performance composite material ASA.TEC is also used in motorboat construction. What our development partners value above all in the environmentally friendly and completely recyclable ASA.TEC-fibers are the remarkable mechanical, chemical and thermal properties they bring. 

The combination of high strength with elasticity also opens the door to astounding innovation possibilities for bikes, skis, snowboards, jet skis and many other products.

Composite Materials

ASA.TEC for innovative composite materials

ASA.TEC fiber brings completely new possibilities for the development of innovative composite materials. The remarkable mechanical, chemical and thermal properties of this fiber mean it is very easy to process. It also has big advantages in terms of its high strength and elasticity coefficient. Since it is produced from volcanic rock, ASA.TEC fiber is 100% natural and inert, it is also non-poisonous and non-carcinogenic. ASA.TEC fiber offers an attractive price-performance-ratio. Moreover, it is not electrically or electro-magnetically conductive.

The resource-efficient, ecologically recyclable fiber opens up a broad field of applications in composites development as a high-performance composite material. Many different types of further processing are available – from endless filaments, fabrics, sheeting to reinforcing scrim