Company profile

ASA.TEC - research, development and innovation

ASA.TEC GmbH has emerged from Asamer Basaltic Fibers GmbH, a former subsidiary of the Asamer Group. Through intensive research activities and working continuously on the further development of basaltic fibers, ASA.TEC aims on supplying the high-tech-material for real product innovations.

Due to the unlimited access to the most varied rock types and the companies know-how in using these materials, ASA.TEC became an important strategic partner for industrial clients. The use of ASA.TEC fibers offers unique opportunities for the development of special applications with remarkable properties.

Intensive research activity combined with comprehensive raw materials competence are the factors that have led to the further development of ASA.TEC fibers. Highest quality fiber is refined through the addition of intelligent raw materials mixtures in high-technology processes to meet the most varied specifications. 


Customer orientation, product technology and providing solutions – growing together with our customers through new strengths. 

Innovations of ASA.TEC constantly improve processes and results, creating new product categories with the aim of opening new opportunities for the customer and improving the environment – and it is not uncommon for them to change entire industries.


Know How from the origins

We first began with basaltic fiber development in the Ukraine in 2006 when we acquired a share in TZI Kiev, a basaltic fiber producer with many years of experience in the field. ASA.TEC Ukraine was established in 2008 following a complete take-over of the company. ASA.TEC developed a stock of fundamental know-how at the production location in Kiev and laid the foundations for the targeted further development of these fibers. 

The further development of ASA.TEC fiber required an R&D location to cutting-edge West European standards. For this reason it was transferred to Ebensee (Upper Austria) in 2010, in order to complete the research activity there. Having successful concluded R&D-activites the next milestone is to industrialize this innovative technology.