Launch of the first boat made from ASA.TEC fiber.

Frauscher and Steiner build the first basaltic fiber boat

A motor yacht in the successful LIDO series will come off the slipway soon, the first ever vessel made from high-performance composite basaltic fibers. It was developed and built in the Gmunden boatyard of the leading international luxury launch manufacturer FRAUSCHER, and the success of this high-tech project was also assured by the intensive research & development input of Siegfried STEINER Kunststofftechnik GmbH. The long sustained partnership of these two companies based on many successful boat building projects helped make the implementation cycle for this world innovation a much easier.

Why choose basalt fiber?

"The environmental friendliness and the easy recycling of basalt fiber and its mechanical, chemical and thermal properties are far ahead of ordinary glass fiber" Siegfried Steiner and the Frauscher development team said.

Producing basalt fiber consumes significantly less energy than E-glass; it is 100% natural and inert and is non-poisonous and non-carcinogenic. In contrast to carbon and aramid fibers, basalt fiber – like glass fiber – is amorphous and is also very good value for money. Resource conserving, re-useable basalt fiber opens up a broad field of applications in the composite area as a high-performance composite material.