Target Industries

A current flow of new applications:

ASA.TEC Rebars as non-metallic reinforcement in the construction industry
Tension-proof, corrosion-free and light-weight under extreme conditions as they prevail inshore and offshore.

ASA.TEC for the fabrication of wind plants rotor blades
Lightning-resistant, environment-friendly and with a highly attractive price-performance-ratio. Also for the non-metallic reinforcement of the wind plant foundations.

ASA.TEC for complete solutions in the innovative area of the automotive industry
The ASA.TEC fiber has a multitude of capabilities in the automobile of the future.

ASA.TEC for the nautical industry
Resistant under extreme conditions.

ASA.TEC for sport and leisure
The quality material of the future for strong and stable light weight. 

ASA.TEC as attractive alternative material for composites. 
ASA.TEC offers powerful advantages.

ASA.TEC for hot gas filtration
due to the special resistance to mechanical strain and high temperatures.