Universal application 

ASA.TEC fiber is developed for the most varied industries and their requirements. This material does not rust, is resistant to sea water and has many remarkable and important qualities: It is neither an electrical conductor nor does it have magnetic induction and it possesses outstanding strengthening properties for polymer materials. ASA.TEC also scores in terms great appearance and appealing design. Innumerable markets that use technical fibers will soon reap enormous benefits from this innovative technology. 

ASA.TEC – from basaltic fiber to high-tech fiber 

ASA.TEC fiber has many additional strengths and advantages extending far beyond the well-know basaltic fiber plus points: The almost unlimited raw materials availability permits minerals of volcanic origin to be mixed and processed to optimized raw materials. Furthermore this material is available long-term and in consistent highest quality. All of this requires an extensive and specific raw materials know-how in exploration, homogenization and preparation; factors for which ASA.TEC is well prepared.